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Introducing Piedra Resort 19

Your First Look at NAJO’s Newest Collection Organic forms connect us to the natural forces in our lives. The smallest pebble, smoothed by wind and water, time and touch, embodies life’s big ideas. Inanimate yet never-ending, a true constant inextricably linked to Earth herself. The natural successor to VIDA, a collection which celebrated life-giving powers, NAJO’s newest collection takes an even finer focus. In PIEDRA, our brand new concept for Resort 2019, unassuming pebbles b...

Our Personal Faves from VIDA

NAJO Staff Picks from the Latest Collection When designing the VIDA collection for AW19, the NAJO team drew inspiration from ancient Greek mythology for new designs rooted in the past. History reborn. Design that shows transformative power can be unlocked via precious sterling silver, gold plate and gemstones. To help you navigate this new collection, who better to consult than our own Sydney-based team We took a quick poll at NAJO HQ and came up with these unanimous favourites. 9 MUST-HAVES OF ...

What’s to come in 2019 – NAJO’s style forecast

If we could predict the future, well… we probably wouldn’t be here talking about it. Nobody can be certain what the Next Big Thing will be for fashion and design, but as all trend forecasters know, it pays to pay attention to the clues and ride the wave of the zeitgeist. As a design house, NAJO is always tracking the trends and here are a few of our favourite clues to what 2019 will look like, style-wise. Living Coral Pantone®’s colour of the year always gets a lot of atte...

News Alert! Jo Tory appointed President of JAA

NAJO is delighted to report that its own managing director and founder, Jo Tory, has been appointed President of the Board of JAA, the Jewellers Association of Australia. The appointment follows Jo’s two years as a JAA board member and 30-plus years of service to the Australian jewellery industry through the NAJO brand. “I’m honoured to accept this position and deeply committed to our local jewellery industry across all areas, from design and manufacture to wholesale and retail...

Style that’s written in the stars

See what jewellery pieces align with your sign Whether you’re a devoted horoscope reader or prefer to focus on creating your own destiny, there’s no denying the fun of seeing just how closely your personal style aligns with the traits attributed to your star sign. Here we’ve matched pieces from NAJO’s brand new AW19 collection, VIDA, to those style traits determined by your place in the zodiac. Aries (March 21-April 20) People born under this fire sign shine brightly...

Introducing VIDA for AW19

Your first look at NAJO’s new-season jewellery collection “With yearning, a strange thrill of hope there came, A shaft of new desire now pierced him through, And therewithal a soft voice called his name, And when he turned, with eager eyes aflame, He saw betwixt him and the setting sun The lively image of his loved one” From ‘Pygmalion and the Image’ in The Earthly Paradise (1868) by William Morris   Introducing Vida, Spanish for “life”, NAJO&rsquo...