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Game of Thrones: Conclusion and Questions

This is a fact. At the end, it will always be the animals that will be loyal to us#GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/xM9RjcpcN8— Mrs. Chips (@Patolalalala) May 20, 2019 Drogon and Ghost: the best bois of Westeros and Essos combined! Another fact: This was an awesome visual. "You're a Dragon. Be a Dragon." The best shot of the episode. #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/my3aO1mw3P— Mercado como Walter (@is_joseluis) May 20, 2019 Not long after that shot, I was sitting o...

Dracarys: We’re All Angry Queens Now

Can you feel it now The anger via GIPHY The gif above is from Mad Men and Ive thought of it almost daily since that well-timed episode aired just over four years ago. The scene pops into my head whenever the most powerful people in the our country display their hatred, greed, and criminality -- and that is pretty much a daily occurrence -- and I think, I want to burn this place down. Thats when I remember Mad Mens Joan said the same thing, and Im a little comforted to have immediate company...

She’s Not a Mad Queen; She’s an Angry Queen.

General Specific: Now is not the time to discuss this, Mad Scientist. Angry Scientist: First of all, I am not mad! I am angry! I am an angry scientist! That is what it is saying on my card of businesses! Sheep in the Big City To Bleat or Not to Bleat, Season 1, Episode 2 Nov. 24, 2000 My unpopular opinion about last Sundays penultimate episode of Game of Thrones: Daenerys is not a Mad Queen. Shes an angry queen! In fact, that is what it is saying on her new card of businesses, under Queen Daen...

What Wendy Wore: Columbia Spectator Slow Fashion

The Columbia Daily Spectator -- the undergraduate news organization of Columbia University in New York -- had its annual fundraiser last Friday. This was a pleasant change, because the dinner has been held in January or February for ages. Last year, the students told the board of alumni trustees, of which Im a member, that the winter timing wasnt working out for them anymore. The trustees were like, Then change it, though I believe I said something more along the lines of I always hated going ou...

Wendy Brandes Jewelry X the Style Crone, Part 2

Its time to reveal the second image from my new brand campaign with Judith Boyd, aka the Style Crone. In this one, shes modeling my turquoise skull ring. The hand-carved skull is set in 18K yellow gold and accented by 192 rubies weighing a total of 1.84 carats. This one-of-a-kind piece is available on my website and 1stdibs. [caption id=attachment_42631 align=alignnone width=498] Creative direction + styling by Shannon SenseAssisted by Jade MayoPhotography by Courtney MooreMakeup by Beau Derric...

RIP, Tim Conway and Doris Day

Occasionally, when I feel down, I watch two Tim Conway clips from the great Carol Burnett show. I’m sure you’ve seen both absolutely everywhere today after the announcement of Conway’s death at the age of 85. I managed to work the “Elephant” clip into a fashion post about the SAG Awards in 2016. The “Dentist”...Read More »...