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Throwback Thursday: 2014 Oscars, 2019 GEM Awards

In 2014, I wore a Zang Toi trench gown to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Last week, I wore the same dress to the GEM Awards -- aka the Academy Awards of the fine jewelry industry -- where I posed for a photo with Monica Stephenson, the founder of ANZA Gems. What Wendy WoreDress: Zang Toi (2014)Shoes: Prada (2010)Purse: Louis Vuitton (2016) I dont know what Im doing with my leg in this years photo. As you can see, Monica is a tall drink of water, so its not as if I had to scrunch down to fit ...

Wednesday’s Video: BS Your Way Through a Business Plan

People considering entrepreneurship often ask me if they need a business plan. My answer is, yes, you should have one. My caveat is that it will probably be complete bullshit. Yep, lots of business plans that are full of optimistic bullshit, and that’s true whether they are drawn up by a one-person company or by...Read More »...

We Won! New York Now Has Early Voting

Good news in politics needs to be celebrated, so cheers to the new legislators of New York State, who helped their veteran Democratic colleagues pass long-needed voting reform yesterday — their first day on the job! Leonardo Di Caprio Cheers GIF from Leonardodicaprio GIFs Everyone thinks of New York as liberal, but that’s the city,...Read More »...

The Weeks in Review

In case you missed it, here’s what’s been on the blog recently. Monday, December 24: MrB knows how to give good gift. Tuesday, December 25: Merry Titmas! Wednesday, December 26: The voluminous fashion trend isn’t going away, and that’s good. Thursday, December 27: My YouTube highlights for 2018. Monday, December 31: My Jewels of the...Read More »...

“Put Your Lips Together and Blow”

Men often ask me if they can wear my necklaces, and I answer, Of course! But Ive never had photographic evidence until now. Behold my Virginia Woolf Whistle looking hot, hot, hot. [caption id=attachment_41661 align=aligncenter width=498] Click to view on Dymanias Instagram account.[/caption] I cant outdo my models original caption for this, so here it is: I’m serving angry-coach-gonna-punish-the-whole-team-if-you-don’t-give-me-ten-more masochistic fantasy (and the ten here is Ks to pay for the...

Wednesday’s Video: Career Advice for Disruptive Times

My latest YouTube video is a continuation of my series of job and business tips. This time, I’m sharing what I’ve learned from the my own surprising career path, which took me from journalism to jewelry design. Today I reveal the faulty logic behind two bits of conventional wisdom: That NOT having a Plan B...Read More »...